Coronavirus: your website

March 27th, 2020

Coronavirus: Your website

The current health emergency is no doubt causing disruption to your business. Some will be seeing significant drops in demand while others might be seeing significant increases.

It's important to keep customers fully updated on how you are responding to the crisis and your website can be the front line for achieving that goal.

You might have something in mind already in terms of the information you want to provide but as a guide here are some ideas of the sort of things you might want to add:

  • If you're closing completely
  • If you're remaining open, are your operating hours changing at all
  • If you're remaining open and the public can visit your place of business, what precautions have you been taking e.g. regular cleans, hand sanitiser available etc
  • If customers contact you via phone or email, have their details changed at all e.g. if you are working from home
  • If you are offering any promotions such as reduced fees let them know
  • If there are any resources you think might be helpful to your customers such as links to other website

If your website package includes the enhanced editor you can use it to add information to a new page on your website, if you don't have the enhanced editor you could add information to an existing page. We also have a free upgrade to add a Coronavirus notification to the top of your web pages.

If you have not logged into your website editor for a while an you have forgotten your password you can request a password reset on the log in page If you would like to add the Coronavirus Notice, you can add the free upgrade in the upgrade store. (Please note this link will only work if you have visited via your website manager or an email we have sent you. If it doesn't work as expect, you can access the Upgrades Store from your website manager after logging in and going to the Coronavirus Upgrades section).

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