April monthly update

April 1st, 2022

April monthly update

Happy April everyone. Here's your monthly update digest. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

What's new this Month?

  • Webfactory Hub developments - We're full steam ahead with the continuing development of the new Webfactory hub. The hub will introduce our new branding and design. Improving user experience, management of your account and websites. More on this in coming weeks.
  • General bugs - We've been fixing general bugs that have been reported.
  • Custom map icons -We've added custom map icons to all maps. Previously, you were only able to create custom map icons on property maps with our Property Packages. We can design a custom map icon for your site, keep an eye on the upgrades store for more information.
  • Launch of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger - This month we'll be adding WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to our methods of contact. This means that messages from both platforms will go directly to our customer service team.
  • Product departments clarification - When adding a product to a department, the department location is now more clearly labelled. Previously, when adding a page to a department, all departments were in one list. If you had more than one department with the same name, this could become confusing. Each department now shows which navigation it comes under on the website. This will help ensure you are allocating the product to the correct place.
  • Banner slide order fix- Banner slides now upload to the end of your current slides. Previously, the slide uploader was adding new slides to the start of your existing slides. There were also some minor bugs with re-ordering which have also been fixed.
  • Account passwords broken link - Change password link has been fixed. Previously, if you needed to change the password, the link was broken when accessed via the account information section of the website manager.
  • Forms fix - Drop list field settings have been fixed. It was reported that there were issued with the options selected not being retained when creating forms in the content manager. If you selected a drop list and added your dropdown options and then went back to edit the form later, the dropdown options would be gone. This meant that the dropdown would have no options in it on the front end of the website.
  • Package clarification - Package information has been updated on the frontend of our website. It was reported that the website suggested that our Photo Pack was included in the Essential and the Popular Package. We do not included the Photo Pack with these packages. This has been made clearer on the website.

That's it for this month. Follow us on social media to be notified when we post next month's update.

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