June monthly update

June 1st, 2022

June monthly update

Here's your monthly update digest for June. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged

What's new this Month?

  • PayPal checkout process updated - This applies to version 2 integrations of PayPal. You can tell if you are using version 2 of PayPal by going into your webshop settings. In the payment settings, there will be either an email address or a PayPal Client ID. If the Client ID is showing, this means you are on version 2. Before the update, during checkout you would need to confirm the payment on PayPal. You would then need to return to the website to finalise your purchase. This step has now been removed from the process. Customers will no longer need to return to the website to finalise their purchase.
  • Creating a webshop account at checkout process improved - When creating a customer account, previously you would have been re-directed to the 'your details' section in accounts. You would then have to re-click onto the basket to return to the checkout process. This is no longer the case. Once your information has been entered, it will show a button saying continue checkout.
  • Portfolio - We've been working to improve the way we tag our portfolio of sites and logos. This is work in progress, but soon will be seen both in the Welcome Pack and on the front end site. You will be able to filter by things such as colour, industry and style.
  • Delivery in the UK - At checkout, if you only deliver to the UK this will be preselected. Previously users had to select the UK from a dropdown before proceeding.
  • Batch VAT - You can now batch update products with a VAT rate. Sometimes customers forget that they need to set a VAT rate on their products, if VAT is enabled on the site. Updating each product individually can take a long time. You can now batch update in 'webshop batch actions'.
  • WhatsApp update - Improvements have been made to WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp's rules only allow businesses to reply to a message within 24 hours of it being received. If you message on the weekend we may not be able to reply by the time we open in the new week. We now send out an automatic message to those who message on the weekend, letting them know that they will need to resend when we are open.
  • Image cropping - Image crop ratios can now be set per page as well as site wide. Previously, you could only set the ratio site wide. For example, you could set all galleries to have square images. Now, if you wanted one of the galleries to have a different ratio you can do this by going to the gallery settings.
  • Adding hidden pages - When adding a page you can now set it to be hidden at the same time as you create it. This prevents the page showing immediately on your site. Previously, you would have had to add the page and then go to the page settings to hide it.

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