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Webfactoy's new electric cars

Oct 15th 2021

Here at Webfactory we have gone green and upgraded our old fleet of cars to electric vehicles! We recently purchased two brand new Volkswagen ID 3s, which are 100% electric. The ID 3 can achieve 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds…...


International Podcast Day 2021 - Podcast recommendations

Sep 30th 2021

Today, Thursday 30th September 2021, is  International Podcast Day! We love a good podcast at Webfactory and in the spirit of International Podcast Day, we've asked some of our team to recommend their favourite Podcasts. Matt's Recommendation 'Business Wars' by Wondery One of my favourite podcasts has…...


What is SSL certificate and why do I need one?

Aug 6th 2021

Have you heard of an SSL certificate? Not really sure why you need one and what they are? - This blog post is here to help. We will explain what SSL Security is, why now is the time to get…...


Walking from Barry to Cardiff for Alzheimer's Research UK

Aug 2nd 2021

On Saturday 11th September 2021, the Webfactory team will be taking up the challenge of walking from Barry Island (home of Gavin and Stacey) to Cardiff Bay (Dr Who) to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK. The walk will cover…...


Build-your-own vs Website designer

Jul 30th 2021

When trying to get a new website up and running it can be hard to decide if you should hire a professional such as Webfactory or try to build your own website. This article will try to example the…...


What are emoji domains?

Jul 17th 2021

Today, the 17th July 2021 is World Emoji Day, promoting and spreading the joy that Emojis bring us. The use of Emojis have now become part of our daily lives and are a powerful tool in adding emotion to your…...


New upgrade - Hamburger menu

Jun 28th 2021

What Is The Hamburger Menu? Despite its name, a Hamburger Menu is not fast food price list, but actually a type of page list that is used to navigate your way around a website. The Hamburger Menus can be identified by…...


World Book Day 2021 - Book recommendations

Mar 4th 2021

Today,  Thursday 4th  2021, is World  Book Day! During our time in  lockdown, we've done a lot of reading to pass the time or to learn a thing or two.  In the spirit of World Book Day,  we've asked some of …...


Supplying images and files to your designer

Jan 25th 2021

When building a website it's hugely important to have the images and files you need before the build takes place. Websites are a very visual medium and with the right images, you will be on the road to a successful…...


Website manager update

Sep 29th 2020

We've made some changes to the website manager, mainly technical things which are out of sight but you will notice some of the changes impact the way the website manager looks The main objective of this phase of changes is to…...


Coronavirus: Business ideas

Apr 6th 2020

We hope you are all well and dealing with the current situation as best you can. As you can imagine we've had a lot customers asking us for advice on how they might make adjustments to their business to get…...


Coronavirus: Your website

Mar 27th 2020

The current health emergency is no doubt causing disruption to your business. Some will be seeing significant drops in demand while others might be seeing significant increases. It's important to keep customers fully updated on how you are responding to…...