Posted on: Thursday 1st January 1970


A customer has complained that they have received an invoice for the monthly payment but the site has yet to go live:

Dear Webfactory, I am writing to you following an invoice that has been received requesting a payment for the monthly fee. My website is yet to be completed or sent live, why have I been invoiced for something I’ve yet to receive? I am very unhappy to be asked for this money as I only signed up last fortnight. This is not a great start to our ongoing relationship!

Below is some information about the payment. Please write your response for this customer:

  • The monthly fee includes everything to run the site.
  • It starts a month from sign up as we set up their services straight away.
  • They are told on sign up that it will start a month from that date.
  • It is also stated in our T&Cs, important information that was sent and agreed to, as well as the original quote that was send via email before sign up.
  • This invoice is also sent 14 days before actually being due in order to provide plenty of time to make a payment.