August and September update

1st September 2023

August and September update

We've been very busy the last month and didn't post an update in August, so here's your two monthly update digest. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Website holding page - We've added the ability to enable and disable a holding page within the general settings of your website. This will temporarily take your website offline and present visitors with a page stating your website is temporarily offline and a customisable message.
  • Improvement to product copying - Copying products will now copy any supporting files that have been uploaded to that product e.g. product manuals. Previously any supplementary files would not be copied over when duplicating products.
  • Additional icons -We've updated our icon library to include additional icons to use on your website.
  • Twitter rebrand - We've updated references to Twitter and renamed them to X in line with their name change. We've also updated all Twitter icons to the X icon.
  • Premium domain pricing - When completing your Welcome Pack you can search and select a domain for us to register. The most popular domains such as and .com are included in your ongoing fee. However, some domains cost more for us to register so we need to add a supplement to the monthly fee. Previously only a message was shown indicating that an additional fee might apply, we've updated this to give you an accurate cost each time you search a domain.
  • Password reset warning - Some customers have found it confusing when requesting a password reset and enter their email address rather than their username. We've added a warning message that will now pop up if we detect an email address has been entered instead of a username, cautioning that it's probably not what you need to enter there.
  • Website and hosting split - We decided to split websites and hosting (domain, email etc.) into distinct products. This makes it easier to migrate web addresses and email accounts when a site is redesigned. Previously there was a risk of downtime during this process. Splitting the products has also enabled us to add a dedicated product manager within Hub where you can manage your email accounts and check your domain configuration. We'll be adding more controls in the coming months.
  • DNS record status - Within the hosting product you can now view the required DNS records for your domains. An indicator shows if the records are set correctly, making it easier to locate any issues.
  • Email forwarders and auto-replies - You can now update forwarders and auto-replies for your email accounts via the Hub.
  • Changes to billing - As a result of splitting out the hosting and website products, invoices will now show two line items, one for the website and one for the hosting. Your fees have not changed, this is merely an administrative outcome of splitting the products.
  • Payment method updating - You can now update your payment method from within the Hub account section. We accept all major credit and debit cards and Direct Debit.
  • Mobile usability improvements - We've changed the logo we use within the hub when viewed on a small screen. The wide full-sized logo was a little too wide for some smaller screens so this buys a little extra space for the user interface elements to breathe.
  • Google Analytics - We've added a dedicated input box for Google's analytics html to the general settings section of websites.
  • Webshop voucher section - We've reworked the voucher list page to make it easier to manage your webshop vouchers. You can now live search by name or code. This is most helpful when you have lots of vouchers.
  • Hub text scales - We've tweaked our text sizing in the Hub to indicate the hierarchy of sections better. It's a subtle tweak but hopefully makes things a little clearer.

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