Frequently asked questions

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Our packages

Each website package comes with its own number of designed pages. This is the number of pages we will add to your website when we build it. You can bolt-on extra designed pages to your package for a one-off fee of £39+vat per page. It's generally cheaper to go for the higher package than paying for the extra pages one by one.

Yes, all our packages include a custom website address. Subject to availability, we can register you a,, .com or .org domain. Other domain endings can be registered, but as the costs can vary there may be a small extra cost to your monthly fee.

Hosting is renting a space on a server to store your website files so they can be viewed online at all times. All websites need to be stored on a server. Hosting is included as part of your website's monthly fee.

If you have an existing web address and/or email address you can use them with your new website. We'll build your new site on a temporary address. When you are ready to go live we will make the updates needed to point your existing addresses to the new site.

All businesses are different, so the number of pages will vary. There is no set standard of the number of page you need. People generally expect a website to have a home page, an about you page, a page outlining your products or services and a contact page. Beyond this you might want extra pages dedicated to each product or service. It can be good for your search ranking to have dedicated pages like this.

You can view our portfolio of recently designed websites here: You can filter these by category, for example Bespoke, Ecommerce, and Property.

We don't use design templates. If you choose to build a website with us, you will be provided with a bespoke design. Our in-house designers will build your website to your specifications. All our websites are bespoke designs which you can then manage via the Website Editor once you go live.

Yes, all our packages include a custom email address. The number of email accounts varies between website packages. You can bolt on more accounts if you need for an extra monthly cost. It's usually cheaper to choose a package that includes the nearest number of email accounts that you need.

The design process

Once we have received your completed Welcome Pack, it normally takes around 5-10 working days for us to design and build the first draft of your website. If you have purchased Logo Design, we usually complete this first within 5 working days. The total time will depend on how many amendments are needed to your designs. To reduce the need for amendments, we recommend taking your time with your Welcome Pack. Provide as much detail as possible for our designers.

We've created a Welcome Pack which is basically an online questionnaire that you'll need to complete. In this pack, we ask you all the things we need to know to get your website up and running. We ask questions such as, the pages you want, the content you want on those pages, colours you would like us to use, etc.

We also offer an Assisted Welcome Pack service for a small extra fee, if you would prefer some guidance. Instead of filling in the Welcome Pack online, you can do this over the phone with one of our Customer Service Advisors.

We've tried to make our process as simple as possible. First we will ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once this has been received, we will then send you our Welcome Pack to complete. Our Welcome Pack is an online questionnaire that asks you things such as what colours you like, sites you like the look of and pages you would like, etc . This helps our designers understand your business and get an idea of your tastes.

Once your completed Welcome Pack has been sent back to us and reviewed by our designers, we will then start work on your website. We build the first draft of your website using a temporary website address normally around 5 to 10 working days of it being accepted. This will be a fully working website for you to provide feedback on. From this point we will make any amendments you want until you are happy with your design.

Once you are happy, we will then put you pre-live or live. Pre-live is a stage where you can make your own amendments to content before you go live. Before going pre-live or live, we will need any outstanding balance to be cleared. Once cleared, we will send over the log in details for your Website Editor for you to get started. When you are ready, we will then put you live on your own website address.

We find our Welcome Pack is great at capturing what clients are looking for from their new websites. However if you do not like the design we produce, don't panic. The first draft is by no means the finished article and we expect there to be revisions and changes. We will keep working at it until you are happy. We only ask that you do not stray too much from what you put in your Welcome Pack and engage constructively. We will work with you to resolve any issues you might have with your site.

Once we received your Welcome Pack, you'll normally get your first draft within 5-10 working days. How long it takes from that point for your website to go live depends on if you need amendments and how big they are. Please allow up to 48 working hours from requesting your website to go live for it to become fully active. (It's normally much faster but it's a good idea to add some padding to your plans)

We understand the importance of keeping your website up to date with the latest information. All our websites can be edited using our the Website Editor. You will be able to edit your website's text and images yourself. We also offer an Enhanced Editor that allows you to add new pages. You can also make more extensive changes to your page layouts with this upgrade.

For our designers to create your website we will need you to fill in our Welcome Pack. This is an online questionnaire that will ask you important questions to help our designers with your new website. We'll do the heavy lifting, but the more effort you put in to the Welcome Pack the closer your first draft will be to your expectations. The better the Welcome Pack, the faster you can be up and running.

Our customer service team are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can contact them via telephone, email or live chat whenever you need a help or have a question. For outside these times we monitor emails for urgent matters, otherwise you can expect a reply promptly when we reopen.

We wouldn't recommend this. You're able to take the static website design elsewhere, but you would not benefit from our content manager and easy editing. We are also unable to build or edit websites for customers that are hosted externally to us. All of our websites are bespoke and built into our content management system. Your monthly fee covers all the costs associated with your website, including the hosting, backups, feature enhancements, etc. You can access our content manager for as long as your website is hosted with us. If you no longer wish to use our services, you can take the design. However would not have access to the functional elements which rely on our systems.

Not at all, we don't have any hidden fees. All ongoing fees are explained at every step when signing up. If you should add any more services in future any extra fees will be explained then.

Billing and payments

No, there's no ongoing contract. You are able to cancel your website at any time. We just ask that you give us 7 days' notice before your next invoice is due. This is so we can make sure your website package isn't renewed.

Yes, you can cancel at any point in the process. Depending on when you choose to cancel, there may be extra fees. If you cancel once we've produced your first draft, you will need to pay the remaining balance on the website build (usually 50%). If you cancel before the first draft has been produced, you would lose your 50% deposit payment, but you will not have to pay the remaining 50%.

All websites have ongoing costs. We are clear and transparent about all ongoing costs our websites include. We don't want to surprise you with any unexpected bills in the future.

Our ongoing monthly fee covers the hosting of the website itself. As well as ongoing support, the renewal of your website address, security and more.

Creating a website from the ground up takes a lot of work. The initial payment will cover the cost of one of our expert UK based designers to build your new website.

The monthly fee covers the hosting of the website itself. It also allows us to provide you with ongoing support throughout your time with us. This includes things such as website security, domains and email support if you need them.

Although your website is not live, it is still using hosting space during the briefing and build process. A dedicated hosting area is setup to store the information in your Welcome Pack. This will allow your designer to start building your website.

Your first monthly fee will not be due until a month after you signed up. In most cases, we can get websites live within this time, as long as the Welcome Pack is filled out fully and sent back to us as soon as possible.

We'd be sad to see you go, but if you'd like to close your account you'll first need to contact us to let us know. You can contact us by email at, speak to us on 02920 090 190 or chat to us on live chat.

All that we ask is for you to provide 7 days' notice prior to the date that your next monthly fee is due. We will then ask you to specify a closure date and your account will close on that date.

Should you ever need the website in the future, it is normally possible to return. We can reactivate your account and website for a small reactivation fee.