New delivery settings

29th August 2016

New delivery settings

We've added delivery settings to provide a simpler and more flexible way to calculate delivery costs on your customer's orders.

There are now four ways you can calculate the delivery costs of orders:

  • Free delivery
  • No delivery cost
  • Delivery cost set for each item
  • Multiple delivery options based on country, basket total and/or weight

Free delivery is very straightforward and simple means that when your customers checkout the no delivery cost will be added to their basket total.

No delivery cost entirely removes the delivery information at checkout. There will be no box indicating a delivery cost and customers will not be asked for their delivery address. This option is great for things like tickets and digital goods.

Delivery cost set for each item means that you set a delivery cost for every item in your webshop. At checkout each item's delivery costs it added up and a total delivery cost is calculated. To add additional flexibility you can also set a 'with other' delivery cost for each item. What this means is that when the delivery cost is calculated, the highest item's delivery cost is taken and then for each of the additional items, the 'with other' cost is used. An example would be if you sell jumpers and sending one jumper costs £3. If a customer should want to buy two jumpers, because the additional cost of posting that item might only be small, you can set the 'with other' delivery cost to perhaps 50p. The total cost of delivery would then be £3.50. This delivery option also allows you to set a default delivery cost so you don't have to set a cost for every item. You can set a different delivery cost for orders going to the UK and those going to the rest of the world.

The final and most power full delivery option is the multiple delivery options based on country, basket total and/or weight. This option enables you to provide more than one delivery option to your customers and also condition those options so they are only shown to customers who meet certain criteria. For example, you could create a delivery zone called the UK. In this zone, you then create a number of delivery options e.g. standard delivery, next-day delivery etc. These options will only show on your website for customers who have said they want their order sent to the UK. You can also condition the delivery options based on things like basket total or weight. You could for example have a delivery option called heavy items delivery which would show up when a customer's basket's weight is over a certain amount. Equally, you could add an option for free delivery when the basket value is over £100. Again this will only show to your customer as an option when they meet the criteria you have set. With this option, you can create multiple delivery zones with multiple delivery options giving you fine control over your delivery charges and ensuring your margin is not hurt by an unexpected delivery cost.

We hope you find these new options a big improvement and we welcome any feedback you have.

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