New ecommerce features

16th June 2015

New ecommerce features

We're pleased to announce the following new features and upgrades for all existing and future ecommerce customers.

Bulk Actions

We've add bulk actions to order management so you can perform actions on multiple orders in one instance rather than one at a time. For example you can now move several orders from one fulfilment stage to another.

Improved Order Management

To help you organise and process your orders we have added additional order stages. You can now move orders into a 'Preparing' stage. This allows you to pack and process your orders without potential confusion and mistakes should additional orders be made during your packing process. We've also added an 'Awaiting Stock' stage for those orders you cannot dispatch immediately.

Dispatch Notes

To help you pack your orders you can now generate dispatch notes. This can be done one order at a time or in bulk in the orders lists. The dispatch note includes your company logo, the address you need to send the items to as well as a list of all the items that need to go into that order. Each item has a helpful checkbox next to it to help you keep track of what has been packed. We also provide handy fold guides to help you line up address with those pesky windowed envelopes.

Improved Sales Reporting

We've improve the year-on-year sales report to make it easier to understand your sales volumes as well as how one period compares with another.

We hope you find the new features make managing and understanding your ecommerce website easier. We have lots planned and look forward to announcing exciting developments soon.

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