New upgrade - hamburger menu

28th June 2021

New upgrade - Hamburger menu

What Is The Hamburger Menu?

Despite its name, a Hamburger Menu is not fast food price list, but actually a type of page list that is used to navigate your way around a website.

The Hamburger Menus can be identified by the 3 horizontal lines that make up a button icon, which kind of looks like a Hamburger - which is where the name comes from!

Hamburger Menus are usually normally positioned at the top right-hand corner of your screen and are more commonly found on mobile phones and tablets.

What Does A Hamburger Menu Do?

Hamburger Menu is a type of navigation that is designed to help your website users find their way around your website more easily.

The Hamburger Menu works by placing your website pages under a 3 horizontal line icon, often referred to as a Hamburger icon. When your website users press the hamburger icon, your website pages with show clearly listed in a neat menu.

What Does It Look Like?

The Hamburger Menu can be seen below:

Hamburger Menu Closed
Hamburger Menu Open

What Do I Currently Have?

Most websites that were created with us before 2020 have an option menu on their tablet and mobile websites. An example can be seen below:

Menu Closed
Menu Open

What Are The Benefits Of The Hamburger Menu?

The Hamburger Menu has many benefits and has become increasingly more of a common feature in website design. You will notice that a lot of websites and apps use it. It's because of this that most website users out of habit will naturally look for it when they want to navigate to another page, which makes the hamburger menu a lot more user friendly than an option menu.

The Hamburger Menu is great for SEO, it's entirely responsive and helps with your reputation with Google as it is up to their current website standards.

Using the Hamburger Menu is great for design. Not only is it streamline and saves a lot of space on small devices, but its minimalistic style helps your 'call to actions' stand out and your content to be the main focus. It also allows users to feel less overwhelmed by too many directions and links.

Will My Customers Know How To Use It?

Yes, the Hamburger Menu has become common practice in modern website design, with companies such as Amazon, Instagram and Google using this menu. If you've ever searched, shopped or browsed the internet using a mobile device, then you've likely come across the Hamburger Menu style navigation.

Can I Add A Hamburger Menu To My Website?

Yes you can - we have made this new feature backwards compatible for our customers, you can upgrade via our upgrade store in you website manager.

Want To Upgrade?

You can upgrade now in the Upgrades Store. Alternatively, you can upgrade by calling us on 02920 090 190 or sending an email to

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