November update

1st November 2023

November update

Welcome to your November update. This month we have been working hard on a larger upgrade coming in the next month or so. As a result this is a shorter update than usual but we'll have a lot more to post about soon.

New this month

  • We've updated our website - Our front-end website (everything not in the Hub) has been updated with an improved design. This is now more in line with our refreshed branding and improves accessibility on mobile devices.
  • New itemlister field type - We've added a new field type 'date' to the itemlisiter options. Previously, to enter a date on your items you would have to enter the date in plain text. Now, any field set as a date type will provide you with a date picker.
  • Bug squashing - We've exterminated a few bugs that have been reported.

Coming soon

These are things we are working on and should be arriving in the next few months.

  • Pop-ups - You will soon be able to create pop-ups within your website editor. You can use these for things such as pop-up contact forms, more info text or sales promotions etc.
  • User management - We will be greatly enhancing user management, so admins can assign access rights to your various products. As well as permissions within those products. For example, you could allow a member of your team to access your website but only the webshop section.
  • Hub design changes - Now that the Hub has been running for a few months we are working on some quality-of-life improvements to the Hub's design and layout. This will improve usability on mobile devices and make moving from section to section faster.

That's all for this month.

Happy November!

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