October update

5th October 2023

October update

Here's October's update on what's new and improved this month. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Improved website speeds - We've made a ton of changes which have led to significant load time improvements for all websites. This has been done through optimisations of the codebase and infrastructure upgrades. The changes have resulted in load times being 4.5x faster on average.
  • Improved article manager -We've Improved the article manager so you can now live filter. This should be especially helpful if you have lots of articles as the page will now load much faster.
  • Imporved billing - We've added a 'make payment' link to the Hub account statement section. The link will only show then you have an outstanding balance.
  • Stock reports - You can now download a product stock report. This report will break down your stock levels for each product and variation of that product.
  • X feeds - We've removed some no longer functioning settings for X (Twitter) feeds. These have been removed by X and so are no longer relevant.
  • Ongoing website improvements - We've been working on a refresh of our front-end website which should be launching in October to bring more in-line with new branding.
  • Social sharing - We've updated social media share buttons on articles to bring them in line with social network branding changes.
  • Improved welcome pack image section - Some bugs when uploading images to the Welcome Pack have been squashed.
  • Webshop error alerts - A notification email is now sent to you when your Webshop payment gateway is not working correctly. Usually, this is due to testing credentials being left in place or missing altogether. Before you would only know this was the case when a customer contacted you with a failed order.
  • Domain provider - We have changed our primary domain service provided to AWS (Amazon Web Services). This platform provided by Amazon powers many of the world's most popular websites and we expect better performance in terms of things like DNS lookups for all domains set up through AWS. If you would like to transfer your domain to our new provider please drop us an email. Just a heads-up, the domain hosts charge a small fee of around £15+vat to move a domain which would be passed on to anyone who wants their domains moved.
  • Design improvements - A load of small design tweaks have been applied. Nothing too exciting but the little things add up.

That's it for this month. Any feedback please let us know.

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