Top tips for creating the perfect logo

17th April 2018

Top tips for creating the perfect logo

Logos are an important part of creating a business identity and can leave a lasting impression on customers. All logos have common elements; Name, icon and tagline - but it's how the information is pieced together with the addition of colour that makes them unique. We asked our designers what their top tips would be for creating the perfect logo design for your business.

Top Tip for Choosing a Font

When choosing a font consider how they can change customer opinion. Pick a font that represents your brand values and not your own.
Choosing the right type of font to represent your business is important. Our tip would be to consider how each font would represent your brand and the image it would portray for you. Font styles hold different meanings. Personally, you may favour a handwritten style font but it might not suit your business and the image you wish to portray. Below, we have created a visual guide to font types and some of the positive and negative values they portray:

Font Types

All fonts have positive meanings, it's when they are applied incorrectly they can have a negative effect. For example, if you were a law firm, a suitable font to choose would be a Serif or Sans Serif font to represent your business. Serif fonts portray an image of being traditional and reliable, as a lawyer this would help customers trust you and your services. Sans Serif fonts are seen as clear, modern and intelligent. This would also give a positive impression to potential customers. In contrast, if you were to use a script or decorative font for a law firm you would give the wrong impression. Script or Decorative fonts are seen as fun or relaxed which could give the impression that they don't take things seriously. However, if you were in the business of dog grooming, using a script or decorative font would give you a positive image. As a customer you would want someone who is friendly to care for your dog. When looking at your own business branding, taking font meaning into consideration is a must!

Top Tip for Choosing a Brand Colour

When picking a brand colour, consider colour meaning and how it can influence your customer's opinion.
Choosing the right colour to represent your business is very important and you should consider its meanings. Colour can be a really powerful design tool and make your brand stand out. Just like fonts, colours can give different meanings and impressions to potential customers too. Below as a guide are a list of some colours and few of their positive and negative connotations:

Logo colour meanings

As shown above, all colours have both positive and negative meaning. When choosing a colour it's important to consider your target market, their culture and how they would interpret your colour choice. For example, if you were an organic food company, a suitable colour to use for your brand would be green. Green is a natural colour and is associated with nature, health, growth and the environment - this would give your business a positive image. If you were to use grey for example, this could give a negative image. Grey is seen as a colour associated with technology and is modern which could give the wrong impression if you were an organic company. It's important to consider the meaning colours hold and how they can change your customers opinion.

Top Tip for Choosing a Brand Icon

We use symbols as universal language - Use this to your advantage and as a visual cue for your brand.
Adding an icon to your logo or within the text itself can be really powerful. Icons hold meaning which can visually indicate information to customers about your business without you even telling them. When it comes to logo design and the icons we choose these symbols should be a visual indication to what you do, or a symbolic representation of your brand. This means customers do not have to read your name or tagline to understand what it is you do. As an example, if you were a baker, a suitable symbol or icon would be a loaf of bread, pie or any symbol associated with baking. This, without knowing your name, would instantly tell the consumer that you are a baker.

Top Tip for Choosing a Tagline

Use your tagline to emphasise your business values or to reinforce what you do.
Taglines can be really useful and are used for anchorage - this means they help solidify the meaning of your icon and the text of your logo. This will help potential customers understand what you do and show your values as a business. As a start up business, if you had a brand name doesn't directly link to what you do, use the tagline to tell your customers. If your business name does explain what you do, use your tagline to explain your company values.

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