Meet our amazing team

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The people that make us, us!


Managing Director

Founder of Webfactory. Matt has been nurturing the business since 2006. Making Webfactory into the company we know and love today.


Director & Frontend Developer

Lyndon has been with the Webfactory since the early days and helped it grow to where it is today. He is also the Senior FED for the company.


Director & Backend Developer

As Webfactory's Senior Backend Developer, Chris is a vital team member in ensuring the company runs smoothly day-to-day.


Operations Manager

Lloyd, our Operations Manager, oversees the design and customer service teams. Ensuring efficient and timely delivery of our work.


Senior Designer & Marketing

With a master's in Contemporary Dialogues: Visual Communications, Becky excels in her Designer and Marketing roles.


Senior Designer & Marketing

Dale has a master’s in Graphic Communication. His expertise perfectly blends Designer creativity with his Marketing role.


Senior Designer & Frontend Dev

As Senior Designer and Frontend Developer, Jamie combines creative design with technical expertise; second only to his football skills.


Senior Designer & Frontend Dev

Avid music fan Steve is a prolific designer with a keen eye for Frontend Development, making him perfect for his role at Webfactory.



Our longest-serving Designer, Rhedyn, offers the company excellent expertise and a sharp eye for all the latest design trends.



Mikaël infuses the company with his unique French flair while expertly handling the administrative tasks here at Webfactory.


Customer Service Advisor

As our longest-serving Customer Service Advisor, Caitlin has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to all things Webfactory.


Customer Service Advisor

Ann is an excellent team member with many years of customer service experience, she's truly found her home at the company.


Customer Service Advisor

Despite her relatively short time with the company, Gia has seamlessly integrated and become a vital member of our Customer Service team.