December update

1st December 2023

December update

Welcome to your December update. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know.

New this month

  • Webshop search improvements - We've improved the way the search works for ecommerce websites. This upgrade improves result quality and speed. Previously the search functionality was quite limited, only exact matches of a phrase and phrases in specific orders yielded results. With this upgrade the search is now more sophisticated returning results regardless of things like the order in which the words were entered. The search will now also peer into more of the content of a product whereas before it was limited to product names and any search helpers you had entered. Results are also sorted by relevance rather than alphabetically. As for speed, searches which might have taken a few seconds to perform before now take a few milliseconds.
  • File upload changes - We've added some additional options when uploading files to places like the File Store, Products, and Download page elements. These options now enable you to control what happens with the file when your visitor clicks on a link. Previously the files would generally download however, now you can select if you want the file to be downloaded or opened in the browser window. Just a heads up though, some browsers will ignore what you set and it will also depend on the file type and if it is possible for the browser to even open the file in a tab.
December update
  • Infrastructure upgrades - We're working through some nice upgrades to the underlying infrastructure that all our systems, including your websites, run on. This month we have migrated to a new database server type which will make the resources available scale more smoothly when there are peaks of demand across the system. We apologise if anyone experienced any hiccups during the transition, going forward things should purr like a kitten.

Blog articles

In the works

  • User management upgrade enabling you to create user groups and set access permissions for your users e.g. this user can only edit the webshop, this user can only edit the website content etc.
  • Hub design changes to improve the header to make it more efficient to navigate around the system
  • Hub dashboard - adding the ability to add feeds and key information widgets to your Hub dashboard
  • Welcome wizard for the first login of your users. When you create a new user they will receive a welcome email with their login details. When they log in they'll be guided through steps to help orientate themselves with the Hub.

That's all for this month folks. Happy Christmas and we'll see you in the new year!

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