February 2024 update

12th February 2024

February 2024 update

Welcome to your February 'What's new' update. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

New this month

Changes to our opening times - After careful consideration and review of all the data, we've decided to slightly alter our opening hours. The principal reason for this is because our team benefit from a shorter working day, however, this does mean that at the start and end of the day, we have reduced staff. The big downside to this is that it means we are less resilient if there is ever unexpected leave, which can then lead to service levels dropping. As a result, we have decided to alter our opening times to 9:30-16:30. This will mean we have a full complement of staff throughout the day and therefore be able to provide better customer service.

Improved Hub design - We've been hard at work the past few months making some changes to the design of the Hub, we've received lots of helpful feedback and wanted to evolve the design in line with that. This will be going live for all our customers very soon.

  • We've moved some of the menu items into a sidebar.
  • The design now works better on mobile devices.
  • We've cleaned up the 'Your Hub' page with cleaner icons and fewer buttons.
  • We've added bookmark support (see below)
  • Admin functions such as managing team members now appear in the dropdown you see when you click on your user profile.

Support Thai baht currency - We've added support for Thai Baht currency to the webshop

Bookmarks - We've added functionality that allows you to bookmark your products e.g. your website, you access most frequently from anywhere in the Hub. You can bookmark products by clicking the bookmark icon on the 'Your Hub' page next to the product. These will then appear in the bookmark icon at the top of every page.

More support articles added - We continue to build out the support articles.

Improved Live chat open / closed information - We've improved the messaging when Live chat is closed. Previously a small message would appear in the Live chat box when we were closed however, now a dialog will open with alternative ways you can get in touch.

Current Promotions

Double referrals - We're running a double referral promotion for any referrals from existing customers. The referrer will receive £100, and the new customer will receive £100 off their chosen website package.

In the works

Final touches to notifications - We are just putting the final touches on the notifications system before we roll this feature out.

Logo switcher - We're adding a new logo switcher facility. This will enable you to switch between different versions of your logo. We're going to be offering seasonal logo design upgrade shortly whereby we'll create versions of your logo for different occasions, causes etc. For example, you might want a Christmas version of your logo or a Pride version. The Logo switcher will make it easier and you will be able to switch between your logo versions whenever you need.

Launching new products- One of the big reasons we launched the Hub was so that we could offer a wider range of services beyond website design. In the coming months, we will be announcing new products with early access for those who are keen.

New 'Your Hub' page - We are slowly going to be evolving the 'Your Hub' page to be more of a dashboard.

More support articles - It's a big old task but we are working our way through building out our support system.

Investigating offering Klarna as a payment option - This will allow customers to spread the initial cost of sign-up. We are just looking into the logistics of offering this.

New live chat solution - We've been looking at how we can improve Live chat and have found it to be a very commonly requested feature. We are investigating launching our own native live chat solution.

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