July 2024 update

1st July 2024

July 2024 update

Welcome to your July update. Read about the latest updates and improvements we've made to our products and services this month.

New this month

Database upgrades - We've upgraded our database infrastructure which all your websites run on. Database capacity is now double what it was before. This should lead to faster load times, which will be great for your site visitors and your rankings.

Redirection links - We've changed the way redirection pages work. Redirection pages enable you to put a link on your website's navigation bar which redirects to another page or site. Previously, the visitor would be directed to a page which would then redirect them. This was not really a major issue, but it did add an extra step to the journey to the destination page. This additional step has now been removed so the visitor redirection will be slightly quicker.

Migration of old system websites - We've completed the migration of all websites running on a legacy version of our platform. It was a small cohort of sites; however, it does mean those sites now benefit from faster sites and have access to the latest features. Additionally removing the legacy code means we can now more easily deploy new features in the future.

Updates to our website - We've added a meet the team page to our website.

Password reset page - We've fixed a layout issue on the password reset page which would make the page look a little un-styled.

Phone and live chat upgrade - We've finished migrating to a new system for our phone and live chat facilities. The new system should help us serve you faster and more effectively. Now the new system is in place, we can start to implement more advanced ways for you to communicate with us.

Product copy fixes - There was an issue with images being copied over when products were duplicated. This has now been fixed

In the works

Knowledge base - We've been working on a knowledge base product. The knowledge base product is a website where you can store things such as support articles, guides, policy documents and other types of resources. You can then make these available to your customers to search or even lock files down so only your staff can access them.

PDF Invoices - We're working on replacing the current invoices your customers receive when they make purchases on your website with a PDF version. Currently, they are taken to a page on your website.

That's it for this month, any feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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