July update

1st July 2023

July update

Here are your July updates. Most of the new features and changes are going to be part of the Webfactory Hub at this stage which is in beta. You can join the waiting list to get access to these new features.

Webfactory Hub launch

We're finally ready to launch the Hub this month. There's still lots we are working on within the Hub but we feel everything is now ready for general release. We'll send you an email as soon as we launch.

Support Centre

Webfactory Hub only
We've added a new Support Centre to the Hub. You can access articles on various features available in your products as well as set up guides for email accounts and billing questions. The Support Centre is a work in progress but we'll be adding to it regularly

Improved product cross promotion selection

Webfactory Hub only
We've reworked the way you select products which appear as cross promotions on another product's page. The new design includes the product image and live updates when you select a product rather than having to scroll to the bottom and click update.

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