June 2024 update

1st June 2024

June 2024 update

Welcome to your June update.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

New this month

Feedback Centre - We've now launched the Feedback Centre, a new way for you to provide feedback on design work that is sent to you. Currently, we receive your feedback by email or a call. However, we've had lots of comments asking if there was a more structured way to provide feedback. We think this will be great for you and allow us to work more efficiently through changes.

User access control test user - User access control enables you to lock your website to users who have been given a username and password. Previously, to test your site you would have to create a test account. We've added a section above your user list with test credentials, so you can log in as if you were a user. This avoids the hassle of creating an account and setting up a password.

Missing flag - We noticed Guernsey's flag had gone missing in the delivery settings of ecommerce websites; the people of Guernsey will be pleased to hear that the flag has been restored. 🇬🇬

Image bugs - We found a few issues with the image upload process, mostly around rotating images. These bugs have been squashed. 🐜

In the works

Phone and live chat improvements - We've been working to update and improve our phone and live chat systems. We'll soon be able to offer new features like making automated payments over the phone, callbacks when in a queue, and a better live chat experience.

Knowledge base - We've been working on our Knowledge Base product. The Knowledge Base product is a website where you can store support articles, guides, policy documents and other resources. You can then make this available to your customers to search or lock it down for only your staff to access.

PDF Invoices - We're working on replacing the current invoices that your customers receive when they make purchases on your website with a PDF version. Currently, they are taken to a page on your website.

That's it for this month, any feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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