March 2024 update

8th March 2024

March 2024 update

Welcome to your March 'What's new' update. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

New this month

Customer service role - We have a job opening on our customer service team. If you know anyone in the South Wales region who might be interested, please share our vacancy

Themed logos - You can now purchase themed logo designs. You can do this from your upgrades section or within the logo switcher section. A themed logo is a tweaked version of your current logo to celebrate things like seasons or events e.g. Christmas and, the Olympics. Our designers will take your current logo and add design elements to make your logo align with your chosen theme.  

Logo switcher - We've added a new logo switcher section to the website editor. This allows you to switch between different versions of your logo e.g. you might have a Christmas-themed logo and want to enable that at Christmas. You can switch your logo as often as you like. 

Enhanced image optimisation upgrade - We've added a new upgrade called 'enhanced image optimisation'. This upgrade connects your website images to a third-party service that uses AI to edge out extra file optimisations beyond what we can apply. By optimising your images further, you can speed up your page load times. This will improve your visitors' experience and help improve search rankings. You can add this feature by going to your website's upgrade section. 

Referrals in the rewards section -We appreciate all the referrals we receive. We understand that it can be hard for you to keep track of your referral's status. We've now made some improvements to the rewards section of the Hub, so you can now see all referrals. For each referral, you will be able to see if they have signed up, are still in the quote stage or if the quote has been closed. We've also automated the payout process. This means that as soon as your referral website goes live, you will receive your reward credit. 

Klarna - You can now spread the cost for your new website using Klarna at checkout. Klarna determines the best payment options it can offer you. These will be presented when you go to complete your order. Please note this is only available when you select pay upfront at checkout. Other payment options will be shown when you proceed. This means we receive full payment from Klarna, and you pay them back according to the terms you have opted for. 

Background image processing - When uploading a lot of images e.g. to a gallery you previously would have to wait not only for your image to upload but also for our system to process the images. The upload time depends very much on your connection; however, we can make the processing less frustrating by processing your images in the background. When uploading images, once completed, you will now see an 'image processing' placeholder, this will be replaced with your image after a short time. You don't have to wait for your images to finish off processing, this will complete automatically. 

Bigger text inputs - We've made some tweaks to some of the page elements. We felt some were a little small for their purpose. Elements such as multiple-line text elements now have a bigger edit box. 

Support articles - We have added another chunk of support articles to the support system. We will continue to add more as fast as we can. 

Current promotions

There are no promotions this month.

In the works

Countdown page element - We're adding a new countdown page element shortly. This will enable you to add a live countdown to your pages. 

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