International podcast day 2021 - podcast recommendations

September 30th, 2021

International Podcast Day 2021 - Podcast recommendations

Today, Thursday 30th September 2021, is  International Podcast Day! We love a good podcast at Webfactory and in the spirit of International Podcast Day, we've asked some of our team to recommend their favourite Podcasts.

Matt's Recommendation

'Business Wars' by Wondery

Business Wars Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
One of my favourite podcasts has to be Business Wars from Wondery. The podcasts tells the story of the fierce competition between bitter rivals in business over several episodes in a series on a specific rivalry. The ones I've enjoyed most so far include Airbus and Boeing, Space X and Blue origin, Netflix and Blockbuster to name a few. If like me you're interested in the internal running's of some of the biggest companies in the world and love to learn about how the companies became the companies they are today, I recommend checking out this podcast.

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Lyndon's Recommendation

'Death in Ice Valley' by BBC World Service

Death in Ice Valley Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
If you are a fan of true life crime or mystery podcasts, I can't recommend this highly enough. Death in Ice Valley is a BBC World Service podcast about a fascinating story that had me hooked from the first episode. It's a true life investigation about an almost 50 year old cold case which has had the people of Bergen, Norway, baffled. Everything from secret police cover ups, potential spies and even a mysterious suitcase come to light in this 11 part series. The overall production of the podcast is fantastic and truly enhances what was an already engrossing story-line.

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Becky's Recommendation

'True Crime Obsessed' by Obsessed network

True Crime Obsessed Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
I came across True Crime Obsessed on Spotify after listing to a true crime mystery series and it quickly became my favourite Podcast! The hosts Patrick Hind and Gillian Pensavalle recap popular True Crime Documentaries in their own words with audios snippets. It doesn't matter if you have or haven't watched the documentaries before listening. It's full of humour, sass, and a well-timed Garbage Bell for the bad guys. If you like True Crime documentaries or podcasts but want a break from the heaviness, this is for you!

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Steve' s Recommendation

'Off Menu' by Plosive Productions*

Off Menu Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
The Off Menu podcast hosted by comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble is great fun. They invite a guest to have a table in their magical restaurant where they can order their dream starter, main, side dish, drink and dessert, with the genie waiter able to cook up their wish from any place and any time. It has guests from fellow comedians, world renowned chefs and famous actors. It's a great blend of quirky comedy, strange anecdotes, arguments about cheese boards and tasty food choices. Don't listen on an empty stomach.

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George's Recommendation

The Joe Rogan Experience' by Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
I first discovered this podcast in 2017 when I watched one of the episodes with documentarian/journalist Louis Theroux. He was talking about his experience with Scientology, and some of the more extreme and radical people he has met over the years.
The reason I adore this podcast is from the immense amount of variety you get from it. Things like journalists discussing their run-ins with the government, musicians talking about their hectic lives and schedules, scientists discussing innovative new discoveries and comedians approaching the topic of offense and free speech are just a small handful of the kinds of guests you get to hear from on the show. Rather than settling itself into strict ideologies and political interests, the show explores all aspects of the human psyche from all over the spectrum and does not hold back. This leads to both good and bad publicity, especially in the current political/medical climate and yet the podcast keeps its integrity by never backing down and leaning one way or another. A truly impartial take on the world is something to be cherished.
There is a reason that this smoke-fuelled, testosterone-charged UFC commentator has become a mainstream success, and it's certainly not in shying away from controversial topics and getting all sides of any debate out there.

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Chris' Recommendation

'Darknet Diaries' by Jack Rhysider

Darknet Diaries Webfactory Podcast Recommendation
I'm a fan of Darknet Diaries by Jack Rhysider. I have always been fascinated with cyber security and how large scale companies deal with security and intrusions. This podcast delves deeply into some of the biggest security breaches and accounts exactly what happened and how the company remedied the issue. If you are into cyber security I would certainly recommend!

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