July monthly update

July 4th, 2022

July monthly update

Here's your monthly update digest. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

What's new this Month?

  • Welcome pack reminders - Welcome pack reminders no longer go to customers with Assisted Welcome Packs. Some customers who had opted for the Assisted Welcome Pack upgrade would be reminded to complete their Welcome Packs when they didn't need to.
  • Email referencing - Emails during the design and build process will now include the product name and type. This will make things clearer when you have multiple products in construction at the same time.
  • Advanced news system - Advanced news / blog system now comes as standard on all new websites. The new system allows vastly more flexible designs. Previously, the advanced news feed was an upgrade option, only for existing websites. Existing customers can still upgrade to the Advanced news system.
  • VAT on recurring payments - VAT exempt customers are now automatically not charged VAT on their invoices. This is reflected in sign up links and recurring payments. Previously, manual payment links were needed to allow a customer to sign up and not be charged VAT where eligible.
  • Masonry Gallery - A new masonry gallery option is coming soon. The new gallery provides a way to display images in their original aspect ratios, instead of cropping to a fixed grid.
  • Image optimisation - We've started testing improved image optimisation on randomly selected websites. This works by serving images in optimised formats which decreases load times and has a positive impact in terms of search engine optimisation and user experience.
  • Property suffixes - Additional property price suffixes have been added to our property system. Price suffixes are things like 'or nearest offer', 'per month' etc. This adds greater flexibility for customers to describe the price of the property they are listing.
  • Website improvements - We've updated the example websites on our home page.
  • Portfolio - We've been continuing to expand and improve our website and logo portfolios.

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