What are emoji domains?

July 17th, 2021

What are emoji domains?

Today, the 17th July 2021 is World Emoji Day, promoting and spreading the joy that Emojis bring us. The use of Emojis have now become part of our daily lives and are a powerful tool in adding emotion to your written messages and giving reactions. With its forever increasing popularity, did you know that you can even get Emoji domain names? In this article, we will explore Emojis, what an Emoji domain name is and how you can get one for yourself!

What Is an Emoji?

Emojis are the little character icons that are used predominantly in text messages, instant messages and emails to represent feelings, actions and places when communicating. The name Emoji is of Japanese origin meaning 'Picture Character'. The Japanese 'E' represents 'Picture' and 'Moji' is a character which together creates 'Emoji'. Emojis are quite popular as they are universal in nature, which means regardless of what language you speak they can be understood by everyone - which is pretty cool!

What Is an Emoji Domain Name?

An Emoji domain name is a website address using Emojis instead of words. For example, our company name is 'Webfactory'. Our Emoji domain is 🕸️🏭.ws

What Are the Pros of Having an Emoji Domain?

They Are Creative - You can be creative with how you represent your company name or business, which can add some personality to your brand.

Fun for Campaigns - Emoji domains could be quite a fun addition to a campaign 😀.ws

What Are the Cons of an Emoji Domain?

Limited Top Level Domains - Emoji domains are not supported on all top level domains, so for example you cannot have an emoji domain ending .co.uk or .com. The most popular top level domain for Emoji domains is .ws. Emoji domains are best use for a fun campaign rather than to drive serious traffic organically.

Character Limitations - Some Emojis look quite similar to each other, particularly the face Emojis. This means mistakes in typing your domain can be easily made and could potential direct someone to the wrong website.

Different Devices - Emojis are more suited to mobile phones and tablets. It's not as easy to use Emojis on desktop. Another consideration is that not all Emojis show the same on all devices, which means finding your required domain Emojis could be quite tricky.

How Do I Get One?

Not all domain hosts allow you to register Emoji domains. However, with those who do, it's a very easy process and very much like buying any other domain. We can register an Emoji domain for you, or you can register directly with a domain host. Emoji domains will cost more than a standard .co.uk or .com which is worth bearing in mind.

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