May monthly update

May 2nd, 2022

May monthly update

Happy May everyone. Here's your monthly update digest. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

What's new this Month?

  • New Customer Service member - This month we welcome our new customer service team member Lloyd.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is now live - WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are now live as methods of contact. These can both be found on the home page when viewing our website on a mobile and on contact pages regardless of device. You can also use Messenger to contact us on our Facebook page.
  • Transparent images - Transparent images now have a checkerboard background on them for visibility. Previously, transparent images similar in colour to the website manager background would have been difficult / impossible to see.
  • Drag & re-order - Customers with our Enhanced Editor can now drag and reorder page sections. This was previously not possible due to the risks of losing content if multiple tabs were open. We've now made changes behind the scenes, so that this is now possible.
  • Custom property feeds - On Property websites, you can now create property feeds based on a tag assigned to the property. Previously, you could only set feeds to show recently added properties.
  • Stripe update - We've made code updates to our Stripe payment platform integration. This ensures support for backward compatibility for 3D Secure v2.
  • News category IDs - We've added the category unique IDs next to the category name when assigning a news article to that category. Previously, if you had categories with the same name, it would be difficult to tell which one was which. Now each category has a ID number displayed next to it to help identify the pages.
  • Basket email field - The email field at checkout is now explicitly set as a HTML email type. Previously our email fields were text fields. Changing these to an email field ensures better email validation and fall-back for some browsers.
  • Improved billing messaging - We've improved billing messaging for accounts which have closed due to failed or late payments. This is to ensure a speedy restore of your websites/services if that is what is required.
  • Code updates - We've made code dependencies updates to latest the versions.
  • Webfactory Hub developments - We're full steam ahead with the continuing development of the new Webfactory Hub. The Hub will introduce our new branding and design. Improving user experience, management of your account and websites. More on this in coming weeks and months.
  • General bugs - Range of other very small bugs have been fixed.

That's it for this month. Follow us on social media to be notified when we post next month's update.

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