August monthly update

August 1st, 2022

August monthly update

Here's your monthly update digest. All comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

What's new this Month?

  • Image optimisation - We've improved the way images are delivered on websites. Previously, the loaded website images were sourced directly out of amazon storage. Now, they load via a content delivery network. This means they will load faster and improve the visitors experience on your website.
  • Draft names - We've changed the way draft concepts are named. This is to help improve communication between you and your designer. Previously, when there were multiple rounds of draft concepts, there could be some confusion over which files each side was referring to. Now, all concepts are guaranteed to have a unique name and number, taking away confusion.
  • Quote vouchers - Quote emails that include discount vouchers now include an expiry date. This is so it is clear when they will no longer be valid.
  • Copying tables -. Previously, when copying page's with tables, there was a bug that would link the original page's table to the new page. This meant that changes on the new table, would impact the table on the page it was copied from. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Email updates - We've updated various emails to help improve communication.
  • Portfolio - We've been continuing to expand and improve our website and logo portfolios.

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